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Finding the Best Drug Rehab Centers in California

pasadena drug and alcohol rehab center for addiction treatment

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can be very effective for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions and co-occurring disorders. A good candidate for IOP will be someone who needs more structure and support than a general outpatient treatment program but doesn’t need 24/7 supervision.

Find out if you’re a candidate for IOP and learn the benefits this type of program provides.

  • Do I need residential treatment or outpatient rehab?
  • Should I seek out medication-assisted treatment or traditional medical detox?
  • Do I need addiction treatment?

The most important aspect of any addiction treatment center is its focus on your recovery. But how do you know you’re receiving care from the best addiction treatment centers in California? To help ensure you pick the drug rehab center for alcohol or drug addiction with the highest level of success for your recovery process, consider the following 3 questions:

1. Is the Treatment Staffed by Addiction Specialists?

You will achieve a higher level of relapse prevention and recovery success if your addiction treatment providers specialize in substance abuse treatment.

Often, California drug rehab centers are staffed by general practitioners not equipped to deal with specific addictions. This is problematic because they are not prepared to treat a person’s mental health and the physical symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse.

There is more to the treatment process than breaking a person’s dependence on drugs or alcohol through medical detox. Mental health treatment is a crucial element of the recovery process. For example, a person struggling with drug and alcohol addiction might need to receive dual diagnosis treatment. This means they are treated for co-occurring disorders, like substance use disorder and other mental health disorders, at the same time.

At Jewel City Treatment Center, our goal is to treat the whole person, which is why we offer an individualized treatment plan for each of our patients, all staffed by addiction specialists who are passionate about helping you find lasting recovery. When finding your drug rehab center in California, ensure experience and professionalism is top of mind!

2. What is the Success Rate?

The success rate of a treatment center emphasizes how many patients they have successfully treated. Many addiction treatment centers will only focus on relapse prevention numbers. But there are a variety of factors that impact the success of treatment. Look for answers to these questions when considering the success of a treatment facility:

  • Did the treatment center’s patients see increased mental and physical health?
  • Do graduating patients function better in society after alcohol and drug addiction treatment?
  • Did the rehab center help their patients develop healthier coping mechanisms in place of drug abuse?

Jewel City Treatment Center is designed to walk you through every step of your drug addiction recovery. That is why our treatment options have one of the highest success rates among California drug rehab centers. Whether you are searching for IOP, PHP, or outpatient detox. Our team is here to help.

3. Are there Long-term Recovery Programs?

A traditional drug rehab program will last for a minimum of 30 days. This time is used to help a person complete a medical detox and begin to address the underlying causes of their substance abuse through addiction counseling.

However, any drug rehab facility worth your time acknowledges that sobriety is a lifelong process. Aftercare that offers a combination of support groups and mental health services is needed for a person struggling with substance abuse to achieve long-term recovery. You don’t want to end up at any drug or alcohol rehab centers that offer a quick and easy fix for addiction.

Through our combination of customizable outpatient programs, Jewel City Treatment Center focuses on giving you the tools you need for your entire recovery journey.

The Jewel City Difference

While all insurance providers must offer some sort of financial support for recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, addiction treatment in California can still be expensive. At Jewel City Treatment Center, we will work with you to make sure cost does not stand in the way of the addiction treatment that is best for you. From the moment of your initial assessment to every step of your aftercare process, we are here to celebrate your recovery journey. Are you ready to learn more about how Jewel City is one of the best rehab centers in California? Talk to one of our staff members today!

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