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Luxury Rehab Near Glendale

We believe addiction treatment services should not be sterile and impersonal, and you shouldn’t have to feel like a hospital patient when you commit to a substance abuse rehab program. In fact, we believe that compassionate and personalized care is the most effective way to reach sobriety. That’s why the goal of our addiction treatment center is to help each individual commit to customized, whole-person healing.

Our luxury rehab facility at Jewel City Treatment Center is based on a holistic and evidence-based approach to recovery. Seeking addiction treatment options at Jewel City Treatment means you focus on full-body healing that leads to sobriety. Read on to learn more about the luxury rehab difference, and how this level of compassionate care can help you achieve your goal of lifelong sobriety.

What to Expect: Luxury Drug Rehab Centers Near Glendale

All of our professional addiction treatment programs include a combination of drug detox and mental health services to help you navigate the path to recovery through a wide range of addiction programs that cater directly to your needs. These programs include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment, and more.  These programs vary based on the severity of addiction, risk of relapse, and where you are in your healing journey.

Our luxury treatment programs have two major advantages that help us stand out as one of the best treatment centers in the Glendale area. At Jewel City Treatment Center, we offer more personal care and individualized treatment plans so you receive the right level of care, right when you need it. Luxury rehab is a private and convenient solution to aid your substance abuse recovery.

Unlike regular inpatient and outpatient treatment, luxury rehab centers offer a lower staff-to-patient ratio. This means our team of licensed medical professionals develops a treatment program, and it is uniquely customized to your recovery. Additionally, we offer relapse prevention care to ensure your goal to get sober and stay sober stays top of mind.

A Broad Range of Healing Modalities: Luxury Rehab for Substance Abuse

The Jewel City luxury rehab center is designed to focus on holistic healing. This means we treat patients through traditional therapy and western medicine methods, along with alternative remedies for full-body healing. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment, which means you can receive care for your substance use disorder and other mental health disorders simultaneously, with the same access to a variety of healing modalities.

Our luxury treatment center is located in Glendale, CA, near Los Angeles. This means you can enjoy the sunny, temperate climate of the west coast during your alcohol and drug rehab. Of the treatment centers in Glendale, Jewel City Treatment Center focuses most on giving you the flexibility you need to receive the substance abuse treatment you want. Call us today to find out how our luxury rehab center California can best serve you!

Cost of Luxury Rehab and Addiction Treatment Near Glendale

It is important to know what your insurance coverage will pay for when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. While all insurance plans are required to offer some sort of financial support for recovery from alcohol addiction or drug abuse, make sure you check to see if luxury treatment options will be included in this coverage.

Your preferred treatment provider should work with you to figure out the best option to pay for luxury rehab. If you believe luxury addiction treatment is ideal for your recovery journey, we will make sure you have a way to pay and help you navigate the journey to healing ahead.

Want to learn more about how luxury rehab could be right for you? Talk to our admissions team at Jewel City Treatment Center for a free consultation today!

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