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Partial Hospitalization Glendale

Addiction looks different to everyone, and so does recovery! That’s why we prioritize a wide range of healing programs to help ensure you receive the level of care that addresses your unique challenges and helps you navigate the road to recovery. When you commit to a partial hospitalization program, you get the best of residential treatment in an outpatient program. We offer you a predictable schedule and full weekday support to help you avoid relapse in your recovery. That is why partial hospitalization at Jewel City Treatment Center is the best fit for so many patients. 

After individuals complete a medical detox, our addiction specialists will work directly with you to help you determine the right level of care to continue your journey to sobriety. For many, our partial hospitalization program provides a unique blend of flexibility, responsibility, support, and compassionate care to help you get sober, and stay sober.

What are Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Partial hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are a rigorous level of care that allows you to be removed from the distractions of your daily life while you focus on the addiction recovery process. This intensive program allows for treatment during the day, while you also get to return home and sleep in your bed at night. PHPs offer you consistent support from your family and friends outside of rehab, while also drastically cutting down on your overall cost of substance abuse treatment.

A PHP is ideal for someone who needs continued support to remain sober on their recovery journey, especially after medical detox. If you have a supportive home you can return to every night and consistent transportation to get you back to a treatment center every day but still require daily addiction support, PHP could be a great option for you. For many, this program is a crucial transitional step before more autonomous outpatient services.

Which Outpatient Program is Best for Me?

A person struggling with addiction requires both mental health treatment and clinical services to overcome substance use disorder. There are a variety of outpatient treatment options available for individuals seeking this support, based on the severity of their addiction and previous treatment that has been completed.

Both intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are beneficial because you don’t have to put your everyday life on pause to begin your recovery journey. Intensive outpatient treatment allows you to begin the detox process from the comfort of your own home, and return to the treatment center for a few hours every day to receive treatment.

PHP, in contrast, requires you to commit several days a week to addiction treatment and is a higher level of care for those with a more severe addiction. Your time during PHP drug rehab will be spent ensuring a healthy and safe medical detox, therapeutic modalities such as dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, and life skill development. These treatments are intended to help you break free from your substance dependence and develop healthier habits when you face triggers in the future. PHP is ideal for a person struggling with co-occurring disorders like depression and other mental illnesses or someone who would benefit from crisis intervention in an intensive treatment atmosphere, with the freedom to return home at night to sleep.

No matter what program you choose, our goal is to work with the personal circumstances of every patient to guarantee the full continuum of care they need. Call us today to find out how we can best serve you!

What to Expect: Our Partial Hospitalization Program Near Glendale

You should consider a PHP if you would benefit from the following:

An Intensive and Consistent Schedule

PHPs offer you a routine and predictable environment as you address your substance abuse and other mental health concerns. This can be a great transitional step as you work toward a more independent life outside of treatment.

Client-Centered Care

We understand that addiction looks different in every person. That is why our addiction treatment is focused on a combination of individual counseling and group therapy to make sure you receive whole-person care during your stay with us.

Treatment Team Support

Your consistent time spent at a treatment center during PHP allows you regular access to addiction treatment and mental health professionals. They are present whenever you need them to offer support and answer all of your questions.

Lower Cost than Inpatient Care

One benefit of a PHP is that you don’t have to pay for overnight hospital stays. This can drastically cut down on your cost of substance abuse treatment while receiving the intensive care needed for severe addictions.

Welcome to Your Journey Towards Sobriety

Want to learn more about how PHP could be right for you? Talk to one of our staff members at Jewel City Treatment Center today! Wherever you are on your journey to addiction recovery, we are here to support you and ensure you have the individualized care needed to stay on the road to sobriety. Reach out today!

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