Addiction Treatment Centers In California

The decision to seek treatment for substance abuse can be one of the most difficult steps to recovery. It is a true act of courage to admit that you need help, and there are a number of addiction treatment programs that could be right for you to enter into recovery, but most successful drug rehab programs start with a professional detox to lay a foundation for long term sobriety. 

At Jewel City Treatment Center we provide a unique way for you to begin your journey to recovery with outpatient detox services that can be done safely and effectively by providing the care you need during the day, while returning home in the evenings to attend to responsibilities. For many individuals, this level of compassionate care is necessary for the future of recovery.

What is Detox?

Detox is the first step in any alcohol or drug addiction treatment program. During this phase, individuals completely stop using substances and the body flushes out toxins from alcohol or drugs. After a period of prolonged use, the mind and body come to expect these substances, and detox may trigger cravings. 

Beyond cravings, someone in detox can expect to experience withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable, painful, and dangerous. The support of medical professionals during this time to ensure comfort, safety, and to prevent relapse during this critical portion of addiction recovery. Drug and alcohol detox is certainly one of the more challenging steps to recovery, but once someone finishes this phase, they can truly begin to work on their recovery process, free from the grips of substances. 

Withdrawal Symptoms


Withdrawal symptoms can be unpredictable and painful, and navigating their side effects to provide comfort and safety is a critical part of our detox program. Withdrawal symptoms include anything from anxiety and depression to flu-like symptoms and insomnia. Everyone’s addiction is different, so everyone’s withdrawal symptoms are different, but one thing remains the same for everyone: detox should be overseen by a medical professional. 

A true medical detox is the only way to ensure the safety of individuals going through the detox process, and it is crucial to have the right team of medical professionals helping you through this step.

After Detox

After the detox process, patients begin to focus on the emotional and mental health work needed for long term sobriety through addiction treatment programs. This phase varies, depending on the needs of each individual, but outpatient care is a reliable option for many others.

Outpatient care varies, with a wide variety of program options such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment being tailored to individual needs. Once the detox process has ended and the body has started to adjust, patients can truly start exploring the causes and effects of addiction and plan for a peaceful life, free from drugs and alcohol. Our team of professionals will work directly with you to determine which level of care is the best fit for your specific needs.

Mental Health Care

Mental health services are absolutely crucial in the addiction recovery process. Many mental health disorders arise leading up to and as a result of addiction, and it is crucial to treat these disorders in conjunction with addiction recovery. Individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy are all core practices of our addiction treatment services.

While mental health care services will look different to each individual, the majority will consist of life skill development, coping skills, and understanding what led to addiction in the first place. Understanding the root cause can help individuals avoid triggers and challenges in the future.

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