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PHP Drug Rehab At Our California Rehab Center
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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Drug Rehab

What is PHP Drug Rehab Program?

The Partial hospitalization program has all the benefits that a residential treatment program has, but with one big difference: you can return to your home. If you are someone who wants to get help with your substance abuse but you are not comfortable leaving work or your family members, then the partial hospitalization program.

PHP Treatment drug rehab is a good alternative for those searching for effective addiction treatment without uprooting their life. It gives patients all the amenities that an inpatient or residential treatment would have without the intense treatment that goes along with it.

Originally, PHP treatment facilities were designed to help people with mental illnesses. Also known as day hospitals, these facilities provided psychiatric treatment while allowing individuals to return home after completing their mental illness treatment.

What is the Difference Between PHP Drug Rehab and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)?

PHP Drug rehab and the intensive outpatient program are personalized treatment programs based on the patient’s mental health concerns. After talking to our medical doctors, each program is decided to determine which substance abuse treatment program fits their lifestyle.

They each provide a doctor’s visit and medication when necessary. Often, differences in hours can lead to different amounts of support, responsibility, or backtracking. These programs may be the cheapest but are not the most accessible addiction treatment program.

Both treatment programs can be used for drug and alcohol addiction because studies show substance abuse and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are closely linked. However, one doesn’t necessarily directly cause the other. After going through our treatment team, they will create a personalized treatment plan and place you in either PHP or IOP.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program allows for addiction treatment without the intensive treatment that a residential rehab program has.

The average person struggles to squeeze in enough time each day to deal with home and work responsibilities, much less manage an addiction treatment program. This is a common concern, and a partial hospitalization program may be the answer.

Services Offered in PHP

At JC Treatment, our PHP Treatment Program offers the same support as our residential rehab programs providing the same mental health services. Some of these services include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Support Groups
  • Transportation to the Facility
  • Extensive Education
  • Medication Management Services
  • Mental Health Services

We offer these to all our patients so you can keep your daily life schedule after leaving our partial hospitalization program. 

When you’re in partial hospitalization programs or dealing with behavioral health disorders, it’s not always possible to get the exercise you need or even eat properly. We can help you through drug and alcohol rehab through our PHP treatment program. 

Are PHP Treatment Programs right for me?

PHP is an excellent choice when you need a more intensive addiction program than an inpatient program, but you don’t need a residential one. PHP has everything. Although residential care may be ideal for most individuals, it can be unrealistic. Each individual is unique in their own particular needs, which depend on the individual circumstances.

PHP treatment is likely the best option for people undergoing residential and inpatient treatment who aim to continue the treatment.

What to Expect from PHP Drug Treatment

During partial hospitalization, your day will be structured differently than usual. You’ll have an exact schedule you will keep to every day, and you must ensure that you follow that schedule. In other words, you may have time to get medical attention and attend group therapy. You get to spend the whole time you need so we can optimize your care.

Once you’re at a PHP treatment center, you can practice your new skills in the evenings.

How long does PHP Drug Rehab usually last?

Partially hospitalized can last between 2-6 hours, seven days a week, depending on individual needs. In PHP, people usually go for most of their day and return home in the evening.

Unlike the intensive outpatient program, which takes 8-12 weeks, the PHP treatment program averages around 2-4 weeks. So, whether a patient chooses an intensive outpatient program or PHP Drug Rehab is all dependent on the individual’s needs.

In addition, a person is likely to attend group therapy, individual therapy nutrition, and psychiatric sessions.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we are here to help. Reach out today to get the help you need (866) 480-3223 or contact us here.